False Awakenings

by Siamese Smile

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released March 3, 2017

Siamese Smile is:
Christopher Hartmann (Guitars)
Johannes Kalowsky (Guitars, Vocals)
Leonard Marquitan (Drums, Programming)
Maximilian Schoenauer (Vocals, Lyrics)
Nico Verbeck (Bass)

All music written by Siamese Smile
Lyrics written by Maximilian Schoenauer
Recorded and mixed by Leonard Marquitan, 2016
Vocals recorded by Nicolai Brandenburger
Mastered by Seeb Levermann @ Greenman Studios
Album Artwork by Marco Maldarella



all rights reserved


Siamese Smile Siegen, Germany

Progressive Rock band from Siegen, Germany.

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Track Name: The Cause
The Cause

It’s in the modern myth of normalcy
these hypocritical daily routines
have I been hypnotized
they mutualized our brains
and the more it breaks my heart
the more I drift apart
from what I aimed at the start

If we get out alive
we’ll be defined
defined as the living proof
of all we’ve sacrificed
and all we are
and all we were
account for us

Hold your breath and count to ten
as slowly as you can
one blink of the eye and your world starts to burn
your blisters remind you that time has turned
it will not return

There are things inside of me
that you will never see
so close your eyes
the dark
the somnolent embrace
a rhythmic clatter
the sound of a new day
it will not come back

The delusion worked until that very day
have you ever thought it would end this way
I came along to take the blame
and it hurts
when darkness falls I fail to see
when the sun shines brightly it’s blinding me
the truth lies where we never seek
it has always been that way

We are the cause
Track Name: Obstacles

“Occur. Emerge. Evolve. Stay.”

We build dreams
the obstacles in our way
they dissolve and come undone

A nocturnal try to take it all away
how did we get lost here anyway
did you weigh my eyelids with your pain

It’s our share of the lies and feints out there
we fall over and over again
we take everything we need
then we run and hide
it tears me out of nothing
don’t take it out on me

Is it a place designed to take it all away
how we did we get lost here
what we’ve called home
it’s a search in vain

We’ve come back and now we wonder
will it ever be the same
I try to let it go
Track Name: Vision Loss
Vision Loss

A sad event
a cruel scene
a ruined place
it’s disastrous
it’s what we’re longing for
it shook our minds
and winced our limbs
and now we witness our demise
we’ve been right here before

The sum of our faults
it rates our lives
the long forgotten goals

It’s your joke
my behalf
I’ve learnt to deal with it
but still I won’t laugh
cause laughter makes me choke
as I toss and turn
the pages that I’ve burnt
to no avail
when tragedy strikes

Our time is running out
it’s the end of our days
when hope has gone
and slipped away
despite our mutual vision loss
there’s truth along the way
for one moment in time
will I see you again

The weight of the world
we moan
it cracks our bones
a cramp of a heart made of stone
so don’t lie to me
Track Name: Sleep.Deprive.

A twist of the twitching thighs
perpetuate phantom pain
dark circles
empty eyes
this double vision made me blind
it dissolves in black
all of which I’ve lost track
will come to the fore
don’t come to the fore

Come to the fore
you’ve been fading
like you’ve just been waiting
for a chance to shake my core
in sight of the shore
I’m drowning
a slow-wave tide devouring
all my dreams forevermore

Within my earshot a muted voice
the delusion I’ve had a choice
of the guilt of my disguise
the shame of truth inside
will come to the fore
don’t come to the fore

“Choose wisely what you dream
don’t lose grip on reality
it’s a trap
it’s just a lapse in memory”
Track Name: The Unfamiliar
The Unfamiliar

Your wisdom
is nothing worth here where the instincts reign
a totem
you hold the strings but don’t fill in the blanks
of the past rewound
I’ve given in to you
there’s nothing I can do
I’ve given in to you

You took a bow
for the last time
time to resign
taking over
getting closer
to an unfamiliar place

all that I’ve hold dear
it’s a vein endeavor
I never know I had to stop
you’re the time giver
of what I’ve once repressed
it’s forcing its way through
no matter what I do
it’s forcing its way through

Their prying eyes
rapidly moving before
they all turn to stone
you’re petrified
cause deep down inside
you are all alone
You’ve gazed and gazed into the abyss
now it’s gazing into you
You tiptoed in the dark
and stumbled on what you’ve missed
nothing hits harder than your life

and you’ve tried so hard
but you stumbled on what you’ve missed
and nothing hits harder than your life
Track Name: False Awakenings I: Lucidity
I. Lucidity

Leaving limitation lines
I’m drifting away
my perception’s colorblind
I just want to stay
all these facets become different shades of grey
is there a new way
we’ve come from the same direction
now we build another fortress
to secure beloved delusions
suddenly I wake
is there an intrusion
to the fake comfort of this place

Reclaim your innocence
that you have lost
when there was nothing left to lose
before we start again
reclaim your empowerment
before we confess
that we are blind

Moments come and gone
we anxiously await the things to come
for all I know
the devil’s rising up from your windowpane
while you are watching the sky

We are blind

It’s so cold
I freeze
I’m hiding
like a monster a shame
a monster in shame
Track Name: False Awakenings II: Continuum
II. Continuum

I’m nobody else
though I’ve tried hard to be
there’s always just a stripped down version of me
time tricked me
causality and our belief in progress
made us blind

A fine lied tied
to sacrificing all I am
in the midst
of trying to convince the world I’ve changed
the unknown takes you out
and leaves you there

I’ve been here before
though I’ve climbed up and down these stairs
I’m caught in a loop defying nature’s laws
a new layer of skin
doesn’t mean a new beginning
it just covers up old scars

One flaw
a hint that was ignored
a hole in the wall
a bloodstain on the floor
I am
ascending down
the world has changed its pace
I know I shouldn’t have let you go
Track Name: Falling Sensation
Falling Sensation

I try to put meaning into words
how could I
if I can’t find meaning in life
vacuity and memories
romanticized just to please
full of restraints
embrace what we have
I live in the past
The thoughts of all missed chances
catch my sleep
promises I didn’t keep

We cannot feel
all worked up
heads in different spaces
we couldn’t stay true to ourselves
we’ve been put through paces
the boundaries remain the same

Don’t let go
whatever it takes
I’ll stick to my aims
I might have
given some up
let some of you down
I pass them as I fall

I don’t dare to write what I feel
it’s all been said before
the fear
of becoming a cliché
what you’d call a phrasemaker
these boundaries remain the same

feel the ground
as we touch down
we are the fallen
we will prevail
we managed to make belief
but now
we have gone all the ways to go
a whole generation doesn’t know
(we don’t know)
who we are
(we don’t know)
where we go
Track Name: The Somniloquist
The Somniloquist

“You collect ideas
ideas you wouldn’t let them know about
images you wouldn’t show
you put them aside to live your life
but they come back
when you close your eyes
you keep telling yourself
your dreams aren’t real”

Down in yourself
where the odds are your muses
redefined and reframed
what you thought you’ve known

I’m done keeping it in
from now on I’ll scream it all out
I never got anything
from drawing circles in the air
coming down on me

the direction that our road is taking
so follow me
our end has just begun
I cannot stay
where I don’t belong
I cannot sleep
when something is wrong
let me get lost
inside the fountain
lost inside
the fountain of your thought

Deep down below
the solitude
it grows
Track Name: Breach

Coming to your home
you’ve invited me
so let me in
purify your hopes
quietly it’s done
so clandestine
unlawful entry
calls for a victim forced my will upon
you chose for yourself

Sleep now my child
with eyes open wide
sleep now my child
when you wake
your youth has died

You don’t see me
I’m outside your window
You don’t see me
I’m standing there

You’re outnumbered
to use your mind
a cancer spread in your veins
the virtual kind

Reaching out from here
when you wake
there’s nothing there
reaching out from here
when you wake
there’s no one there
run away from here
(choose your nightmare)
it’s your illusion
your private prying
(choose your nightmare)

Choose your nightmare